At Laeveld Sitrus, we are passionate about producing avocados of exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellence, paired with the fertile lands of the Lowveld region in South Africa, sets the stage for avocado production at its finest.

Variety and Quality:

Our avocado orchards feature a range of carefully selected varieties, each celebrated for its unique flavor and characteristics. From the creamy, rich profile of Hass avocados to the smooth and buttery goodness of Fuerte, our avocado offerings cater to diverse tastes and preferences. We prioritize quality at every stage, from cultivation to harvest, ensuring that our avocados meet the highest standards of taste and freshness.

Sustainable Practices:

We believe in responsible farming practices that respect the environment and communities we serve. Our avocado production incorporates sustainable farming techniques to minimize our ecological footprint. From water management to integrated pest control, we take every step necessary to protect our natural resources and contribute to a healthier planet.

Harvesting Excellence:

Our avocado season, spanning from March to September each year, is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team. We carefully time our harvest to deliver avocados at the peak of ripeness, ensuring that you receive the best tasting fruit possible.

Global Reach:

While rooted in the Lowveld, our avocados reach far beyond South Africa's borders. We take pride in supplying high-quality avocados to both domestic and international markets, bringing the creamy goodness of our avocados to tables worldwide.

A Tradition of Excellence:

With a legacy of agricultural expertise that spans generations, Laeveld Sitrus is a trusted name in the industry. Our dedication to producing top-tier avocados is driven by a passion for quality and a commitment to delivering the very best to our customers.


We proudly offer a diverse selection of avocado varieties, including Fuerte, Hass, Ryan, and Pinkerton. Our harvest season extends from March to September each year, ensuring a consistent and ample supply of these delectable avocados for our customers to enjoy.