BJ Vorster Ltd, an esteemed third-generation agricultural company, was established in 1942 when BJ Vorster, affectionately known as Ben, transitioned from his career as a miner at JCI mine to embark on a new venture in agriculture. This transformative moment marked the inception of our family's enduring legacy in farming.

Ben Vorster was blessed with two sons, Edward and Peter, both of whom played instrumental roles in the company's growth and evolution since the 1960s. Together, they diligently expanded their family's farming enterprise, shaping it into the thriving agricultural powerhouse it is today.

Tragically, after the passing of their father in 1976, the brothers continued to farm jointly until 1995. During this period, the legacy of the Vorster family continued to flourish, with six Vorster boys born to the two brothers. By 1988, the time had come to divide the family business between Edward and Pieter. This pivotal decision led to the establishment of Laeveld Sitrus Pty Ltd in 1995, marking a new chapter in the family's agricultural journey.

In the late 1990s, Pieter's two sons, Ben and Gerhardt, joined their father in a commitment to uphold the family's agricultural heritage, ensuring its continued success and prosperity. This generational transition marked a significant moment in the ongoing legacy of the Vorster family in the agricultural sector.

With God’s Grace, hard work, purposeful and dedicated staff, Lowveld Citrus was able to expand not only the Letsitele farm, but also to other areas such as Hazyview, Hoedspruit, Haenertsburg, Piketberg and Weipe. Lowveld Citrus farm with mainly citrus varieties, avocados, macadamias, bananas, kiwis and also wildlife.

According to Pieter Snr it has been a privilege to learn and build this farming company together.

“There have been many challenges, but to witness how such challenges can develop and grow a love for agriculture from a very young age, is so worth it. In the end is feels great to tackle new challenges together and see how success is growing.

Working together with what Nature provides and building a future for the fourth generation is a huge privilege and we are greatful for the Blessings that this entire family has received.

Laeveld / Lowveld Citrus is strong and healthy and here to stay and learn something new every day, starting to get more and more involved in the supply cycle as well as delivery of products.

Together we grow stronger.

Thank you for the privilege."

P.G. Vorster